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From the ESTEN foundation

The creation of this foundation is the culmination of more than 25 years of involvement in the fascinating field of Onsite Wastewater Treatment in Canada.

Created following the initiative of the directors of Enviro Neptune and Enviro-STEP Technologies, the ESTEN Foundation wishes to promote applied research and initiatives in the protection of water resources in Canada.


The mission of the ESTEN Foundation is to highlight, encourage and give visibility to research initiatives in the field of Onsite wastewater treatment as well as community projects focused on raising awareness and protecting water resources


  • Encourage applied research projects in Onsite Wastewater Treatment in order to improve knowledge and / or develop appropriate solutions in order to protect health and the environment. These projects must be carried out as part of a program offered by an educational institution and involve one or more students.
  • Recognize and highlight innovative projects carried out on a community scale and promoting the preservation and protection of water resources. Projects must be non-profit and generate positive impacts on the environment and quality of life.
  • Provide visibility to the projects submitted in order to promote the field of Onsite Wastewater Treatment and demonstrate the importance of this approach in the overall environmental protection strategy.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if necessary, by sending an email to

The ESTEN Foundation is a non-profit organization created by Enviro-STEP Technologies and Enviro Neptune in collaboration with several players in the field of Onsite Wastewater in Canada. The mission of the ESTEN foundation is to encourage research, development and innovation in connection with the Onsite Wastewater industry and water protection, through grants, donations and targeted initiatives.

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