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Jury 2021

Applications are analyzed by a committee of five independent professionals from the Onsite Wastewater Industry. In order to better depict the industry in Canada, the jury members are selected from different provinces.

Daniel Roch

ESTEN Foundation President

Social entrepreneur, self-employed, strategist and CPMT certified trainer, Daniel Roch has been formed in business management and then in andragogy and environment. He is involved for more than 30 years into innovative projects and management strategy. Dedicated to the environmental industry for more than 20 years, he developed trainings in the onsite wastewater treatment industry in partnership with the AESEQ and the OTPQ. Involved since the seventies to the lake and shorelines protection, he is an active member in many residents’ association and conservation authorities. Daniel is known for his engagement as administrator and leader in various non-profit organizations as the CRE Laurentides, TerraVie, Société Québécoise des phytotechnologies, the Lac en Coeur Association and the Lake René citizen council. His wide contacts network allows him to act as facilitator in strategic meetings.

Terry Davidson, P. eng.

Director, Engineering and Regulations, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (Ontario)

Terry Davidson is a graduate in Engineering from the University of Guelph (1988). Terry is Director of Regulations at RVCA where his responsibilities include operation of both the Ottawa Septic System Office and the Mississippi-Rideau Septic System Office. In the RVCA, he also assumed the management of the Clean-Up Rural Beaches Program (CURB) and the septic approvals program in 1995 (at the time delegated from MOE). He has also served as the Ottawa Coordinator of the Ontario Rural Wastewater Centre, an industry learning and training centre set up in co-operation with the University of Guelph at the Authority’s Baxter Conservation Area. Mr. Davidson has been on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association since its inception in 1999. Mr. Davidson has also been instrumental in implementing and delivering a septic re-inspection program in several lake country municipalities in the Rideau and Mississippi watersheds. Terry has been accepted as an expert witness before the Ontario Municipal Board, in Provincial Court and before the Ontario Building Code Commission. In his spare time, he operates a cash crop farm in partnership with his father near Kinburn within the City of Ottawa.

Mélanie Deslongchamps

Executive Director, Agiro (Quebec)

Graduated from Laval University in touristic development management, Mélanie Deslongchamps, also followed training courses in sustainable growth. Under her management since 2001, Agiro became a key player in the area in the fields of water management, environment protection, and natural habitat preservation and enhancement. In November 2019, she received the « Lake Management Success Stories » award at the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS). Her Onsite Wastewater interest comes from the importance to have a good knowledge of septic treatment facilities for a safe management of surface waters and groundwaters quality. She gets passionate for lake and natural habitats protection. She dedicates most of her free time to outdoor activities and photography.

Jean-Sébastien Grenier, M.B.A. P. eng.

Project Director and Associate, Équipe Indigo (Quebec)

Holder of a MBA of UQAM’s School of Management (Montréal) and of a biotechnological engineering bachelor degree of the Sherbrooke University, Jean-Sébastien has more than 15 years of professional experience in water management. He started his career in R&D and in product certification into a new technology provider in the wastewater treatment and storm water management. He worked as an engineer in a company specialized in onsite wastewater treatment, clean water supplying and storm water management; he also worked as a director of the Management and Operation department. Currently he is an associate into the Indigo Team (Équipe Indigo), an engineering consulting and onsite wastewater construction company. He realizes mandates as an expert in case of failing septic installations for municipalities, lawyers’ offices, and insurance providers. Jean-Sébastien is also a member of the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ).

Trish Johnson, P. eng.

Engineer and Senior Consultant in the Onsite Wastewater Industry (Ontario)

Over 30 years in environmental management, policy and planning for all levels of government providing strategic support services and environmental assessment expertise, Trish Johnson is currently working as an Independent Consultant in the region of Ottawa (Ontario). She formerly worked as senior environmental consultant and systems strategic advisor. She notably acted as a project manager for numerous municipal class environmental assessments and as a project advisor and policy support for the First Nations. As a passionate advocate of value-for-money solutions for small towns and rural communities, her main implication is in the Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association (OOWA). After being on the Board of Directors for OOWA between 2013 and 2019, she is still co-chair for OOWA external relations committee and chair of the Improving Approvals Working Group with the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Park (MECP) of Ontario.

The ESTEN Foundation is a non-profit organization created by Enviro-STEP Technologies and Enviro Neptune in collaboration with several players in the field of Onsite Wastewater in Canada. The mission of the ESTEN foundation is to encourage research, development and innovation in connection with the Onsite Wastewater industry and water protection, through grants, donations and targeted initiatives.

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