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Guidelines projects

Project submittal guidelines

Innovative water protection / awareness projects category

  • Open to:
    Municipalities, Conservation Authorities, Consulting Firms, Lake Associations, etc.
  • Scope:
    This category welcomes applicants such as, but not limited to, Consulting Firms, non-profit organizations, municipalities, conservation authorities to present project summaries of ongoing or completed projects that relate to water or wastewater initiatives, awareness programs, best management practices that are implemented on a community scale (local or regional).
  • Examples of eligible subjects:
    • Development of new technologies or processes applicable to Onsite Wastewater Treatment;
    • Improvement or adaptation of existing technologies or processes to Onsite Applications;
    • Improving knowledge in Wastewater Treatment that can benefit the Onsite Industry;
    • Development of design or management tools, performance monitoring, operation or maintenance procedure and methods applicable to the Onsite Industry;
    • Etc.
  • Application Submittal format:
    Letter format in PDF using font size 10 or larger.
  • Deadline:

    December 31, 2024

  • Finalist selection:

    February 26, 2025

1st place

Honorary certificate and $ 3,500 scholarship

2nd place

Honorary certificate and $ 1,500 scholarship

Apply now

    Applications are analyzed by a committee of five independent professionals from the Onsite Wastewater Industry. In order to better depict the industry in Canada, the jury members are selected from different provinces.

    The ESTEN Foundation is a non-profit organization created by Enviro-STEP Technologies and Enviro Neptune in collaboration with several players in the field of Onsite Wastewater in Canada. The mission of the ESTEN foundation is to encourage research, development and innovation in connection with the Onsite Wastewater industry and water protection, through grants, donations and targeted initiatives.

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